Top 10 Jersey Numbers!
Joaquin Duque
Joaquin Duque 17 soat oldin
The patriots are not cheaters they are just smart. For example him. GO PATS
Isaiah Pinal
Isaiah Pinal 17 soat oldin
Henry ruggs would be a better fit for the niners they should’ve got him
Zyxify 17 soat oldin
“But if I get five we get” C H I N E S E
Mike 17 soat oldin
Why doesn't he cry about how the Patriots thought so little of him they waited 5 rounds to take him?
Costa Zambaras
Costa Zambaras 17 soat oldin
Josh McCown was born July 4th 1979. 0:50 .. He is undeniably the biggest 9 month old I’ve ever seen.
Zaki Fachryan
Zaki Fachryan 17 soat oldin
Like it or not many bandwagon Brady fans switched team to Tampa permanently
Wes Pepple
Wes Pepple 17 soat oldin
I would have him in the high 20s,I'm a big steelers fan,grew up there for 25 years and moved away, but it sickens me that he played for the ravens and taiders,2 teams he hated
Raul Garza
Raul Garza 17 soat oldin
When is Fitzmagic turn for one of these. McCown man of many jerseys.
FootClann 004
FootClann 004 17 soat oldin
2:34 ngl I do like those old 49ner Unis
Edgar Tovar
Edgar Tovar 17 soat oldin
Great video and class!!
mamba go crazy
mamba go crazy 17 soat oldin
Finally putting some respect on his name 😤😤 Frank Gore is a legend
Chank Mank
Chank Mank 17 soat oldin
0:31 jeez man can u not hit it in the same place more than once?
Kyle 17 soat oldin
He’s played for a long time but was never elite any year
Beenie 17 soat oldin
This man is quite the football player. Played a career like no other. I see him as an NFL head coach someday!
il100374 17 soat oldin
Yo Bill's dap game is SOLID
Spencer Galland
Spencer Galland 17 soat oldin
I hate this with all my heart
Antony Noyes
Antony Noyes 17 soat oldin
Yo, I'll listen on this Zoom class, and NFL should record the classes and post them here: NFL 101 w/ Professor Copeland
Fabmatthew 18 soat oldin
6:35 made me cry
Fly Eagles Fly
Fly Eagles Fly 18 soat oldin
Can’t lie brought tears to my eyes. U know some people just say football is just a sport and in all righteousness thats correct but there’s a brotherhood like no other and to see grown men cry should tell u all u need to know. So again thank you josh mccown will nvr be forgotten as an eagle and a fierce competitor!
DTOM Z 18 soat oldin
Remember the whole favre situation as a kid
Tristan Chan
Tristan Chan 18 soat oldin
This dude is like 84 years old and probably can outrun most normal guys in their 20s
Charles Jablon
Charles Jablon 18 soat oldin
Guy stole a Ramsey line there
banjo strings
banjo strings 18 soat oldin
Thanks, NFL Films, I didn't realize I'd be crying today.
Terri Atkinson
Terri Atkinson 18 soat oldin
God I love this so much and he's from my home state of Maryland. Keep up the great work my friend.
El Poundo
El Poundo 18 soat oldin
Welcome to Baltimore Dez. Throw em up X
TTV FazeMike
TTV FazeMike 18 soat oldin
Now the jets are ruining his maybe last season
Joseph Van Horn
Joseph Van Horn 18 soat oldin
The Jets need to be reminded of why they play the game on a daily basis.
Milo Levine
Milo Levine 18 soat oldin
Frank Gore may be the most underrated player in NFL history. As a 49ers fan I've been watching him my entire life, and even on some pretty tragic teams he was absolutely incredible. I watched him run for 1,600 yards in 2006 on a 7-9 team with a young Alex Smith as his QB. He was always a class act, obviously a great guy, and his longevity is such an inspiration. If he isn't a first-ballot HOFer then we need a new electorate.
Noah Israel
Noah Israel 18 soat oldin
It's crazy how the Browns-Bengals rivarly is No. 4 when both teams have never won a Super Bowl
Ron Winter
Ron Winter 18 soat oldin
As a long time 49'ers fan (1979), I can't remember how many times he just shocked me with his talent. I can be as fickle as any fan and would sometimes think "Get him out of the game!" only to be followed by "Frank Rules!" He is a force. Thanks Frank!!
tweezerjam34 18 soat oldin
I respect the crap outta Gore- he’s had an amazing career. But he’s not HOF worthy. At no time was he a top 3 back for 3+ years straight. I’d consider players like Darren Sproles or Ricky Waters before Gore. 💯
Hector Gudino
Hector Gudino 18 soat oldin
Such a class act. Just does his job! Kids pay attention to leadership.
Ray Finkle
Ray Finkle 18 soat oldin
Wanna know what McCown did win? The game of smack the shoulder with Ertz.
Brennan Martini
Brennan Martini 18 soat oldin
In my opinion He’s combination of Moss and Calvin Johnson. Can catch anything in the air over guys and Is a hard ass dude to tackle after the catch. 💯 Baltimore is going to have a Weapon
SapLord 18 soat oldin
He gave us all he could last year in that playoff game .. that’s a loss us eagles fans can tolerate given the circumstance
QweenBisquit You loser
QweenBisquit You loser 18 soat oldin
In the tape where it says April 11, 1980 he would’ve been 1 their
mjd5 _40
mjd5 _40 18 soat oldin
I know a better play in the super bowl than number 7 the patriots pick to win the super bowl
Alex Kroll
Alex Kroll 18 soat oldin
Get better, 🐐. Big loss not having you play the rest of the season
Ahmed Alfayyadh
Ahmed Alfayyadh 18 soat oldin
imagine 784 people disliking this
Zaki Fachryan
Zaki Fachryan 18 soat oldin
He also coaches high school team when he was in Philly last year, he flew every week over to North Carolina to coach his High School football team then flew back to Philly, Great man champion in every Eagles fan heart. Plus I never seen player torn his hamstring and stays in the game to finish the game. Wentz did finish his drive in 2017 and score TD with his ACL torn before they carried him off.
mx329 18 soat oldin
I’m an eagles fan and I didn’t realize how hurt josh McCown was after that Mentally and physically
Ryan TayK
Ryan TayK 18 soat oldin
I like how they talk about how budda is a great chase down tackler yet he’s the one who got caught by DK
BassDisc 1918
BassDisc 1918 18 soat oldin
For every one in the WHO DAT NATICION F for the lats 3 y years
Troispoint 18 soat oldin
The reason it's shocking he's Top 3 in all-time rushing is because no one believes he's as good as the guys around him in that Top 5.
Sam Sizer
Sam Sizer 18 soat oldin
We'll be here again in ten years. All seriousness, it's crazy to me that he's 3rd all time in rushing yards. He could actually break into 2nd if he gets another 1,100 or 1,200 yards or so? Basically, playing the remainder of this season and next? Jeez.
mike epps
mike epps 18 soat oldin
TheUnknownBrick 18 soat oldin
As a rams fan, I agree with the saints fans. That no call was horrible, we shouldn’t have made it to the super bowl, should have been the saints vs pats, even though I’m happy we made it, it wasn’t the same “excited feeling” becuz we benefited off a nasty no-call
Lions Forever
Lions Forever 18 soat oldin
Brett 18 soat oldin
Lifelong chiefs fan. I forgot what game it was but in 05 I saw one of his games and became an instant fan. He is a Beast on the field. HOF indeed
Da Bul PHILLY 18 soat oldin
We still should of kept him🤦🏾‍♂️🦅
Patriotsfan4life 10
Patriotsfan4life 10 18 soat oldin
I would make josh my starter in madden, in madden 20, I would level him up as much as possible can then bring him to the super bowl
Eric Torres
Eric Torres 18 soat oldin
Seahawks fan here and the video had me in tears .. Josh McCown is a true warrior and one hell of a man
Groundfurd On YT
Groundfurd On YT 18 soat oldin
Are ACLS only made to get torn, like wtf do they do
StarxzFN 18 soat oldin
I cryed when rams won
Emanuel Torrealba
Emanuel Torrealba 18 soat oldin
What’s the song
TakeAcTN 18 soat oldin
hall of fame surly has a spot for frank.
Biruk Anagaw
Biruk Anagaw 18 soat oldin
Shay Burgman
Shay Burgman 18 soat oldin
Smart Dude.
45 pewterpirate
45 pewterpirate 18 soat oldin
Time to get 7! GO BUCS!
Jacob Brue
Jacob Brue 18 soat oldin
This should be a required class for all high school students.
hgm38 18 soat oldin
When I was high school in the mid 80’s.DC public school system they required u to pass a class called “Life Skills”
King Blaise
King Blaise 18 soat oldin
Too bad the school system sucks
Hudson Reid
Hudson Reid 18 soat oldin
How is his necklace like that? I love it!!!
Bob Builder
Bob Builder 18 soat oldin
He gonna be doing a lot more teaching after that injury 😂.
Robertnmjr1 18 soat oldin
Who is a Buc's fan watching this, saying to yourself, how did we get this guy?
925Warbot 18 soat oldin
Frank the tank
Jon Ruger
Jon Ruger 18 soat oldin
The man is great his game never was about speed so it’s never really fallen off he’s not dominating anymore but is still a very good starter it’s wild.
Robby Cullum
Robby Cullum 18 soat oldin
Are we going to ignore the fact that a man older than most NFL coaches said, “Clout”
Hunter Lane
Hunter Lane 18 soat oldin
Once the old man said “clout” I knew he didn’t right this.
Hunter Davis
Hunter Davis 18 soat oldin
Christians do belong in the league. Don’t suppress people
Richard Gutierrez
Richard Gutierrez 18 soat oldin
I have and always will have tremendous respect for McCown and Ryan Fitz
Christian R
Christian R 18 soat oldin
They lowkey need to be offering this class at all colleges
JCG F 18 soat oldin
Bro who cuttin onions 😩😫
JudahsAwakening 18 soat oldin
*The Most High Was Ready 4 Him* *When it's your time, it's your time!*
TylerGo 18 soat oldin
That makes me respect Eli more
Anthony Kingsbury
Anthony Kingsbury 18 soat oldin
It was a missed opportunity not having Ron Swanson narrate this
Jonathan Mostowy
Jonathan Mostowy 19 soat oldin
“Who names their newborn baby Carl?”
Joaquin Duque
Joaquin Duque 17 soat oldin
Jonathan Mostowy
Jonathan Mostowy 18 soat oldin
@M D I was quoting Todd Haley from hard knocks
M D 18 soat oldin
A lot of ppl?
Tyspen 19 soat oldin
I love these stories
Easy Peasy Gaming
Easy Peasy Gaming 19 soat oldin
49ers should trade for gore
Ur Mad
Ur Mad 19 soat oldin
Keep these vids coming!!
Valarie Osuna
Valarie Osuna 19 soat oldin
Amanda Kim
Amanda Kim 19 soat oldin
I’m actually crying thank you Josh 🦅